Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers is pleased to have received two innovation awards at the TechConnect World Innovation Expo held on June 19-20, 2023 in Washington, DC.

The awards are for TDSX’s development of Compact Underwater Lidar sensing capabilities.  The Lidar project is being developed in cooperation with Beam Sea Associates and includes funding in the form of a Phase 2 SBIR Grant from NOAA.

The RGB Lidar module is designed to fit on our Barracuda AUV®, or other modified vehicle, easily integrated with NVIDIA Orin Nano CPU/GPU. Able to generate a 3D point cloud with a color overlay to create a near true color image of the ocean bottom.

Lidar systems for underwater data collection do exist, but they are too large for use on small AUVs and ROVs and they are very expensive.

Our target market is the small to medium sized AUV and ROV market. These segments represent about 57% of the global AUV and ROV market. The current size of this market is approximately 800 million dollars annually.

Learn more about Barracuda AUV™ here.