Offshore Energy Applications for Barracuda AUV™

Offshore exploration and production has become increasingly vital, particularly in the wake of rapid development of renewable energy sources in addition to Oil & Gas. Offshore platforms require complex subsea structures such as pipelines and cables, and the inspection and maintenance of these structures is a very important issue. As most platforms are installed in water depths of hundreds of meters, it is impossible for humans to dive, inspect, and maintain these structures.

Robotic Underwater Vehicles have historically played a vital role for subsea intervention in the Oil & Gas sector. However, the limitations of high cost, insufficient maneuverability, and slow data collection have hampered users’ ability to capture and analysis required data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As the overall energy sector expands to include offshore wind and wave power generation, operational efficiency is key and the role of AUVs will continue to expand into new arenas, such as site evaluation/preparation and construction of undersea foundational structures.

The introduction of Barracuda AUV™ is truly a game changer for companies operating in the increasingly competitive offshore energy sector.


Barracude AUV