We are pleased to share this excellent article from Uncrewed Systems Technology titled “Thrust of the Matter”, which provides a comprehensive overview of the TDSX Barracuda AUV® – with spotlights on key features, including:

  • Unique design of the propulsion system with thrusters on the dive planes that enables unprecedented maneuverability
  • Cost-effective approach to designing the pressure hull and testing for depths well beyond the Barracuda operating specifications
  • Incorporating high performance on-board computing power into the compact design to handle advanced functions such as object identification and obstacle avoidance systems
  • Integration of advanced autopilot software from CubePilot with link to GPS sensor for positioning & navigation
  • Support for a range of different sensor options, including echo sounder, forward-facing stereo camera, sidescan sonar, Lidar and RGB camera combo,
  • Light weight and compact design enables easy launch and operation by a single person
  • Capabilities for supporting swarming of multiple Barracuda systems

Read the full article in Uncrewed Systems Technology here.