A New Wave in AUV Performance

Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers is radically improving the cost effectiveness of underwater exploration and data collection.

Our Barracuda AUV™ is designed to go deeper, enable greater maneuverability, collect more data in less time, and provide a lower cost solution to fit a wider range of budgets.

Across Multiple Industries

Barracuda AUV™ is opening new opportunities in:

  • Offshore Energy
  • Oceanographic Research
  • Military & Security Applications



    Offshore Energy

    Robotic Underwater Vehicles play a key role in the Oil & Gas sectors as well as in new offshore energy applications including wind and wave power generation.


    Oceanographic Research

    AUVs are vital tools for measurements such as sub bottom profiling, water column characterization, ocean current profiles, tides, temperature profiles, salinity profiles, water clarity, bio luminescence, ocean pollution and more.


    Military & Security

    AUVs have become an increasingly important capability for Military, Navy and Coastal Security forces, especially in advanced subsea operations.

    Associations & Partnerships