Barracuda AUV® – Deeper, Faster, Cheaper

Our flagship Barracuda AUV is a small person-portable autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) which easily descends to 500 meters. At only 16 Kg (35 lbs), the Barracuda AUV® incorporates modern design elements making it easily launchable by hand from a small vessel or shoreline while also being strong enough to withstand high pressures encountered at depth.

Based on a 1.2 meter long, 10 cm diameter, body tube streamlined using syntactic foam over the outside, Barracuda’s main CPU/GPU is an Nvidia Nano AI platform running Ubuntu Linux and Robot Operating System (ROS). It has a large forward facing viewport that provides a wide field of view for onboard cameras and optical sensors.

Collecting quality subsea data at the lowest cost per data point is our mission. Compared to the existing commercially available systems, Barracuda AUV™ is capable of collecting several times more data per day of operation than has been available from small low powered AUVs.

The Barracuda AUV™ was specifically designed to allow the rapid collection of sub-sea data to support researchers, explorers, and individuals, as well as the objectives of the GEBCO Seabed 2030 Initiative.

Barracude AUV

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