Research Applications for Barracuda AUV™

With the cost of crewed surface research vessels on the rise, AUVs have become an indispensable tool for deep-sea exploration, sea floor mapping, environmental issues and general ocean and coastal observation. Measurements such as sub bottom profiling, water column characterization, ocean current profiles, tides, temperature profiles, salinity profiles, water clarity, bio luminescence, ocean pollution and more, are now all in the realm of the AUV.

For example, SeaBed 2030 aims to map all of the world’s oceans by the end of 2030 and the United Nations declared 2021-2030 as the Decade of Ocean Science to support the effort.

However, for many projects around the world, especially for emerging programs with limited budgets, the lack of a small, cost effective AUV is the limiting factor.

The introduction of Barracuda AUV™ enables researchers in governmental or academic organizations to address a wider range of projects more cost-effectively by collecting more data faster and with more flexibility.


Barracude AUV